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  • European Laryngological Society position paper on adductor spasmodic dysphonia: minimum set of outcome instruments to evaluate voice outcome after treatment of adductor spasmodic dysphonia.
    Collaborators (in alphabetical order) Andrew Blitzer, Dinesh Chhetri , Yakubu Karagama, Antonius Langeveld, Youri Maryn, Andreas Müller, Marc Remacle, Tetsuji Sanuki, Elisabeth Sjögren, Juliëtta Schuering, Domingos Tsuij. In progress.


  • European Laryngological Society consensus statement on salvage TOLMS for laryngeal carcinoma
    Project Leader: Cesare Piazza
    Collaborators (in alphabetical order) Pat Bradley, Alberto Paderno, Hans Eckel, Antti Makitie, Miquel Quer, Vinidh Paleri, Giorgio Peretti, Roberto Puxxedo, Marc Remacle, Ricard Simo, Elisabeth Sjogren, Vincent Vanderpoorten, Isabel Vilaseca.