Travel Grants

Spending time with colleagues to learn new clinical skills in the form of observerships or otherwise are an important way of expanding personal abilities and thereby forwarding the practice of laryngology in Europe and worldwide. To support this, the ELS has up to four travel grants of up to 1.500 euro per year. ELS junior and regular members under the age of 40 are eligible to apply after submitting a resume and a description of their intended use of the money. A document of recommendation from the current institution and a document of intention from the institution where the visit is scheduled should be included. The grants will be awarded on a lottery basis held by the Presidential Council between all eligible candidates once a year with the recipients of the grant being announced during the general assembly (May-June). The decision of the Presidential Council is final and not disputable. Finally, the Presidential Council would like to receive a short report on the observership after completion.

Applicants must be ELS members with their membership fee paid in order to apply for a travel grant.

Applications must be received by the ELS no later than by the 1st May to be considered for the current calendar year.

Please send your application for a travel grant with the required documents to