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The European Laryngological Society was officially founded in January 1995 in Brussels, on the initiative of Profs. Oskar Kleinsasser (Germany)–who was also the society's first president–, Italo Serafini (Italy), Bernard Luboinski (France) and Jan Olofsson (Norway).

Laryngology in Europe had so far only been represented in national and regional oto–rhino–laryngologic societies. Consequently, laryngologic topics were mainly covered and discussed in a rather scattered and often marginal manner at various conventions; but in Europe, the cradle of laryngology and the source of the newest ideas and developments, laryngology–one of the main pillars of our specialty– should be better represented.

A non–political and non–profit society, it is devoted to the knowledge and developments in all fields of Laryngology. It aims to unite European otorhinolaryngologists
  • To further the scientific development in the field of laryngology;
  • To widen the knowledge and to assess the practical implementation of technical and scientific developments in this field;
  • To promote and foster the professional skills of members;
  • To further the scientific development in the field of laryngology;
  • To encourage continuing education of laryngologists through the organization of conventions, meetings, courses and workshops.
EAORL is the official journal of the European Laryngological Society. A subscription to the print version as well as optional online access are included in the ELS membership.

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8th-11th June 2016. Genoa, Italy

16th-19th May 2018. London, UK

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