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Anastasios G. Hantzakos, Abu Dhabi, UAE




  • F. G. Dikkers, The Netherlands
  • M. Andrea, Portugal
  • M. Gugatschka, Austria
  • G. Friedrich, Austria
  • V. Djukic, Serbia
  • Y. Karagama, UK
  • E. V. Sjogren, The Netherlands
  • C. Storck, Switzerland
  • G. Desuter, Belgium




1. Update on ELS recommendations of vocal fold lesions – A. Möller Gröntved. F. G. Dikkers, M. Remacle

2. Scar formation – G. Friedrich, F. G. Dikkers, M. Remacle, A. Giovanni, M. Hess, A. Hantzakos, S. Duflo, M. Gugatschka, C. Arens




Vocal fold scars: Current concepts and future directions. Consensus report of the Phonosurgery Committee of the European Laryngologycal Society.
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Exudative lesions of Reinke”s space: a terminology proposal
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Defining phonosurgery: a proposal for classification and nomenclature by the Phonosurgery Committee of the European Laryngological Society (ELS)
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Phonosurgery of the vocal folds: a classification proposal
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