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Lichtenberger Prize




Rules and Conditions

The Presidential Council of the European Laryngological Society is offering the Lichtenberger Prize to a physician whose abstract, according to the jury, was the best submission to the biannual Congress of the Society. The following circumstances will be taken into account:

  • The first author, who must present the lecture in the Congress, should be less than 40 years old;
  • Competition for this prize is considered only after abstract is accepted for inclusion in the scientific program;
  • The prize is given for an outstanding manuscript, or accomplishment in basic research or clinical investigation in endoscopy, bronchology, esophagology, laryngology, and related science;
  • Entries on research in clinical broncho-esophagology, physiology or pathology of the larynx or tracheobronchial tree are encouraged;
  • The entry should original and previously unpublished;
  • The authors can express the eligibility of the contribution to compete for the prize;
  • Contributors wishing to apply for the prize must state their age, and the presenter should be less than 40 years old, otherwise the abstract will not be considered for the prize;
  • The prize winner is expected to present the work and is responsible for the expenses for attending the meeting;
  • Membership of the ELS is encouraged, but not mandatory.The jury consists of the President, Past President, General Secretary and Treasurer of the ELS. In case of a draw, the President’s vote counts for two. The decision of the jury is beyond discussion. The Prize, €500,- for ELS members, or €250,- and two years of membership for non-members, will be presented during the General Assembly of the biannual Congress of the Society. Winners will be announced on the web site, and contribution of the entry in the European journal of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology will be encouraged by the Presidential Council.


History of price winners:


2021 – Dr. Nikolaus Bosch, Germany

“Treatment of bilateral vocal fold paralysis in newborns and infants with botulinum toxin A as an alternative to tracheostomy”

2018 – Prof. Reza Nouraei, UK

2016 – Dr. Jeroen Meulemans, Belgium

“Tracheal Autotransplantation for Functional Reconstruction of Extended Hemilaryngectomy Defects : a Single Center Experience in 30 Patients”

2014 – Dr. Selmin Karatayli Ozgursoy, Turkey

“Risk Factors for Dysplasia in Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis in an Adult and Pediatric Population”

2012 – Dr. Kathleen Klinge, Germany
“Laryngeal ultrasound – a diagnostic tool for evaluation of the vocal cord motion – a pilot study of synchronous videolaryngoscopy and neck ultrasound in pediatric otolaryngology”

2010 – Dr. Gyorgy Smehak, Hungary
“Is a deteriorated voice quality necessary after glottis enlarging procedures?”