History of the ELS

History of the European Laryngological Society

In January 1995 the European Laryngological Society (ELS) was founded in Brussels, on the initiative of Profs. Kleinsasser, Serafini and Luboinski. This society is devoted to the knowledge and developments in all fields of laryngology. The basic concept was to convene the European laryngologists and to share a venue for presenting and promoting their work.
During the course of their career, many leading laryngologists noticed considerable difficulties in spreading their work on the European level due to the lack of a specific society, periodic meetings, and a publication organ. Laryngology in Europe was so far only represented in national and regional oto-rhino-laryngologic societies. Consequently, laryngologic topics were mainly covered and discussed in a rather scattered and often marginal manner at various conventions.


ELS Past Presidents, General Secretaries and Treasurers



ELS Presidents

  • Oskar Kleinsasser, Germany 1995 – 1996
  • Italo Serafini, Italy 1996 – 1998
  • Bernard Luboinski, France 1998 – 2000
  • Jan Olofsson, Norway 2000 – 2002
  • Mario Andrea, Portugal 2002 – 2004
  • Patrick Bradley, UK 2004 – 2006
  • Miquel Quer, Spain 2006 – 2008
  • Hans Eckel, Austria 2008 – 2010
  • Heikki Rihkanen, Finland 2010 – 2012
  • Ferhan Öz, Turkey 2012 – 2014
  • Giorgio Peretti, Italy 2014 – 2016
  • Ricard Simo, UK 2016-2018

ELS General Secretaries

  • Marc Remacle, Belgium 1995 – 2008
  • Frederik Dikkers, The Netherlands 2008-2016

ELS Treasurers

  • Thomas Wustrow, Germany 1995 – 2002
  • Hans Eckel, Austria 2002 – 2004
  • Jochen Werner, Germany 2004 – 2008
  • Christian Sittel, Germany 2008-2016




12th Scientific Congress, London, UNITED KINGDOM
16-19 May 2018
President: Ricard Simo

11th Scientific Congress, Genoa, ITALY
8-11 June 2016
President: Giorgio Peretti

10th Scientific Congress, Antalya, TURKEY
9-12 April 2014
President: Ferhan Öz

9th Scientific Congress, Helsinki, FINLAND
13-16 June 2012
President: Heikki Rihkanen

8th Scientific Congress, Vienna, AUSTRIA
1-4 September 2010
President: Hans Eckel

7th Scientific Congress, Barcelona, SPAIN
29-31 May 2008
President: Miquel Quer

6th Scientific Congress, Nottingham, U. K.
31 August -2 September 2006
President: Patrick Bradley

5th Scientific Congress, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
10-13 July 2004
President: Mario Andrea

4th Scientific Congress, Brussels, BELGIUM
5-7 September 2002
President: Marc Remacle

3rd Scientific Congress, Paris, FRANCE
9-11 June 2000
President: Bernard Luboinski

2nd Scientific Congress, Rome, ITALY
23-26 September 1998
President: Italo Serafini

1st Scientific Congress, Marburg, GERMANY
26-29 September 1996
President: Oscar Kleinsasser


Foundation Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
21 January 1995 M. Remacle

11th ELS Workshop 2017
Leipzig, GERMANY
President: Andreas Dietz

10th ELS Workshop 2015
Poznan, POLAND
President: Wojciech Golusiński, Maciej Misiołek

9th ELS Workshop 2013
Hamburg, GERMANY
President: Markus Hess

8th ELS Workshop 2011 and PEVOC-9. September 2011
Marseille, FRANCE
President: Antoine Giovanni

7th. ELS Workshop. June 2009
Mannheim, GERMANY
President: Christian Sittel

6th. ELS Workshop. May 2007
Antalya, TURKEY
President: Ferhan Öz

5th. ELS Workshop. February 2005
Madrid, SPAIN
President: Primitivo Ortega del Alamo

4th. ELS Workshop. April 2003
Budapest, HUNGARY
President: G. Lichtenberger, J. Czigner

3rd. ELS Workshop. April 2001
President: Hans Mahieu

2nd. ELS Workshop. October 1999
President: Gerhard Friedrich

1st. ELS Workshop. October 1997
President: Bernard Luboinski