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12th ELS Congress 2018

16th-19th May 2018. London, UKLondon

Congress President: Ricard Simo


Future Laryngology and HNS events


Instructors Pr E. BABIN, Pr D. CHEVALIER, Pr F. JEGOUX, Dr D. De RAUCOURT, Dr D. BLANCHARD, Dr. C. PAGE, Dr M. HITIER, Dr V. PATRON, Dr S. BARDET, ENT-Caen University Hospital, ENT-Lille University Hospital, ENT, Rennes University Hospital, ENT-CLCC F. Baclesse, ENT-CLCC F. Baclesse, ENT- Amiens University Hospital, ENT- Caen Universiy Hospital, ENT-Caen University Hospital, Nuclear Medicine, CLCC F. BACLESSE

This course was designed to give participants basic anatomical and surgical knowledge to perform safely thyroid gland surgery, parotid gland surgery, neck dissections, and usual types of partial laryngectomies. It is open to ENT Residents or Board Qualified ENT surgeons with special interest in head and neck surgery and/or oncologic neck surgery.


09.00 – 10.00 Lecture SURGICAL ANATOMY OF THE NECK- Dr M. HITIER, MD, PhD Surgical Anatomy of the Thyroid gland Surgical Anatomy of the Parotid gland Surgical Anatomy of functionnal and radical neck dissections
10.00 – 12.00 Dissection – Neck, Thyroid, Parotid PARTIAL LARYNGECTOMY TECHNIQUES – Pr D. CHEVALIER, MD, PhD Surgical Anatomy of the larynx Laryngectomy Techniques Open Partial Surgery : Supracricoid, Frontal Anterior, Partial Surgery
12.00 – 12.30 Lecture « Surgery in Thyroid Cancer » with S. Bardet, F, Nuclear Medicine, CLCC F. BACLESSE
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 16.00 Dissection – Partial laryngectomy
16.00 – 17.00 Round Table « Partial laryngectomy in H&N cancer » with Chevalier D, De Raucourt D, Blanchard D (Case Reports and discussion)

VENUE: CAEN – NORMANDY UNIVERSITY, PFRS Department of Anatomy Contact

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Workshop on laryngeal Reinnervation
29-30th June 2017.
Medical Training Center (MTC)
Preliminary Program (21st March 2017)

• Auditorium, Medical Training Center (MTC), 20 rue Marie Curie, 76000 Rouen,
• Anatomy Laboratory (Prof Fabrice Duparc), Teaching Building, Faculty of Medicine, 22 Boulevard Gambetta, Rouen (5’ by foot from the MTC)
• Experimental Surgery Laboratory, Research Building, Faculty of Medicine, 22 Boulevard Gambetta, Rouen (5’ by foot from the MTC)
• Dinner (La Couronne. Market Place («31 Place du Vieux Marché », Rouen)

3rd World Congress on Thyroid Cancer
27-30 July 2017. Boston, Massachusetts

30 August-1 September 2017. Ghent, Belgium
(10% discount for ELS members)
Pre-conference training European Academy of Voice (EAV), 29 August

11th Grazer Stimmtage (in German)
24 – 25 November 2017, Graz, Austria


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European Academy of ORL-HNS


American Academy of ORL and HNS (AAO-HNS)

ELS live surgery broadcast

3rd Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast
13th December 2017
9:00-16:00 CET (GMT +1)
Viewing of broadcast is free of charge – no registration
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Past events


11th Scientific Congress, Genoa, Italy
8-11 June 2016
President: Giorgio Peretti

10th Scientific Congress, Antalya, Turkey

9-12 April 2014
President: Ferhan Öz

9th Scientific Congress, Helsinki, Finland
13-16 June 2012
President: Heikki Rihkanen.

8th Scientific Congress, Vienna, Austria
1-4 September 2010
President: Hans Eckel

7th Scientific Congress, Barcelona, Spain
29-31 May 2008
President: Miquel Quer

6th Scientific Congress, Nottingham, U. K.
31 August -2 September 2006
President:  Patrick Bradley

5th Scientific Congress, Lisbon, Portugal
10-13 July 2004
President: Mario Andrea

4th Scientific Congress, Brussels, Belgium
5-7 September 2002
President: Marc Remacle

3rd Scientific Congress, Paris, France
9-11 June 2000
President: Bernard Luboinski

2nd Scientific Congress, Rome, Italy
23-26 September 1998
President: Italo Serafini

1st Scientific Congress, Marburg, Germany
26-29 September 1996
President: Oscar Kleinsasser