In September 2002 in my quality of President of the European Laryngological Society I presented for the first time the project of the World Voice Day, even before the first public announcement the main goals were divulged (05/06/2002):
1st World Voice Day is open to all societies, groups and institutions dedicated to the voice care (doctors and all the other professionals).
If this project goes on as we all wish, besides the improvement of voice care all over the world it will contribute to the reinforcement of the links of friendship between all the specialists involved.

16 years have elapsed and the World Voice Day is celebrated all over the world by multiples medical and non-medical institutions dedicated to the voice

If in 2002 the first aim was to highlight the voice and to promote an early diagnosis but very soon prevention and vocal care promotion became fundamental objectives.

This year in Portugal several events are happening all over the country and besides Workshops and Conferences organized by several hospitals and free Voice Screenings will take place during the whole week.

On Monday April 16th in addition to a live broadcast by the TV national channel, a Concert will be held covering different kind of music from Lyrics to Fado. During this concert it will be delivered the Voice Award 2018. This award has been given since 2006 in recognition of work carried out in the voice area (singers, actors, speakers, professors, etc.). The winner is chosen by a jury composed of Otolaryngologists, Speech Therapists and Singers.

All these activities are reported by the media (press, radio and television) and fact sheets will be distributed with the main recommendations concerning early diagnosis, prevention and health care.

Happy Voice Day 2018
Mario Andrea, MD, PhD
Chairperson WVD Committee