Fifteen years ago, a project to organize the World Voice Day was submitted to ELS Board on April 2002.
The aim of this day was to highlight the voice and to raise awareness to its importance, to the care required to have a “healthy voice” and to the attention to its main changes.
The achievement of these goals would make possible early diagnosis of benign or malignant diseases and also develop preventive measures.
ELS Board fully supported this project and it was decided to “make a public announcement of the First World Voice Day at the plenary session of ELS Congress in Brussels (September 7 2002)”.
After 15 years, WVD is celebrated all over the world by different organizations dedicated to the voice.
This year, WVD activities are somehow conditioned as the 16th of April is Easter Sunday and falls during school holidays. However several events are planned worldwide.
I would like to highlight the following excerpt from a letter sent to one of the members of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery on 05/06/2002, even before the first public announcement of the World Voice Day:
1st World Voice Day is open to all societies, groups and institutions dedicated to the voice care (doctors and all the other professionals).
If this project goes on as we all wish, besides the improvement of voice care all over the world it will contribute to the reinforcement of the links of friendship between all the specialists involved.
Fifteen years have elapsed and I have no doubts that these goals have been achieved thanks to the dedications and commitment of all people involved with voice.

Happy World Voice Day 2017

Mário Andrea
European Laryngological Society
Committee on World Voice Day